Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Angst Anyone?

Because Liquid Silver Books bought my manuscript, Carnal Devotions, so quickly, I find myself a bit anxious. I recently submitted a second story to them, and about a month later, I still haven't heard.

Rationalization begins:
--It was the holiday season. They were busy.
--It got lost in the Internet somewhere and some horny teenaged computer geek is really enjoying it.

Then comes the inevitable doubt:
--Well, Kensington passed on it. It's probably not marketable after all.
--You are really not as good a writer as you think you are, you self-important twit.
--That's what comes of feeling "entitled." Having published with them before is no guarantee they'll like everything you write. Welcome to the Real World.

However, it boils down to, that's the name of the game. Waiting. And the key to beating that game is to have a lot of submissions out there so there's always the opportunity that the day will bring some great news.



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