Thursday, February 21, 2008

Artist: Caitlin of Rebound Designs

Form and function. This is art and bling. I adore this artist's work. Her purses are all made from real books. It takes her 8-10 hours to make one purse. If you have a book of your own that you would like made into a purse, she'll do that too. Maybe someday when I have a hardback release, I'll take her up on her offer!

She also has this nifty little pins with naughty quotes on them. She's inspired me to take that idea to a new level, since I'm a crafty girl, myself.

To browse her site click here.



Blogger Robin said...

Those purses are too cool! I love the idea.

Will you share the details of your inspiration? I'm so not a crafty girl.

10:02 AM  
Blogger jax said...

That's fantastic! Now I want one of those. I would love to try my hand at making one..but I know it's the same addiction as ATC's and I'm not getting into that! :)

6:53 PM  

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