Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Hard Core Me

After being approached by Moxie Press, I've taken a leap and signed on with them this week. They had seen a work of mine that had been on a free site for many years and offered a contract for it and its sequel short story. I wrestled with this decision for several weeks. It is a romance still, of course. I can't not write a happily ever after. However, as I mentioned in the title of this entry, it's hard core and politically incorrect. There is no question that once people read this, they will have seen my "dark side," the raunchy me who's been hiding behind the goody-goody, always follow the rules, set the good example teacher.

So, I guess it's appropriate that this publisher's name, Moxie, means aggressive energy and initiative. They are a new company and haven't even opened their electronic doors yet, but I was impressed by their website and their book cover design. Also, I doubt that my story, Hostile Takeover would ever have found a home at another electronic publisher because it's a story of forced seduction. So, they are demonstrating moxie by being brave enough to offer that to the public. Most e-pubs won't touch that type of story.

I do have some editing to do, due to the excellent suggestions of my Moxie editor, Jo, and expect that the title will be available in the late summer or early fall.


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