Monday, June 19, 2006

Lifeguards = Hunks!

"To the Rescue" by Katharine Swartz, from the July 4 issue of Woman's World

Tagline: Elizatbeth wasn't a teenager. She didn't intend to go off the deep end over anyone...

I remember a movie from my teen years about a lifeguard and it was a favorite, so this story made me feel nostalgic. We have your classic family member trying to make a match - a daughter this time. Unlike many Woman's World stories, this one did have a climactic moment when the heroine looks for the hero at the pool and he's not there, but of course, he does show up. Swartz also created a little character arc for Elizabeth, something that's not always easy to do in 1,100 words. Brava. She also uses the pool setting as a metaphor for the heroine "jumping into the deep end" and "wading in [to the dating world] slowly."

Best Part: "Fifteen minutes later she was jolted from her romance novel." I love that she was reading a romance novel.

Worst Part: I couldn't really find anything that poked me the wrong way.

Overall rating: 4

Originality: 3.5



Blogger Carol B. said...

Hey, I remember liking this story. I guess that says something, even if I don't buy WW every week. :-)

9:37 AM  

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