Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Red Handed

You gotta love editors. Truly! I got edits on my Caveman story and I'm so grateful for Mary's intuitiveness and skill. She nailed me in several places where I needed nailing. I swerved into purple prose in a few places and she's reeled me in, thank goodness. I wrote a strong hero for three fourths of the book and then allowed him to become TWTL. TSTL is Too Stupid To Live. Cristoforo was Too WIMPY To Live.

I will be forever grateful to Mary for saving me from what probably would have been many bad reviews calling me on it. Hopefully I've come up with a solution that will work.

So, once again, if my book comes out to sell oodles of copies, it will due in large part to my Wonder Woman editor Mary Altman of Ellora's Cave. She is so good at honing in on the problems and holding me accountable.



Blogger Gaucho said...

But...I like purple prose! My stuff is full of it.

Oh, wait...

6:39 AM  

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