Friday, June 22, 2007

Artist: Guiseppe Archimboldo (1527-1593)

I think you could call these works by Guiseppe Archimboldo the original "I Spy" paintings. I think it's fun to look at these while squinting, especially this first one. This is "Spring" the first in a seasonal series. I really adore her clothing. She's almost pretty when you squint.
This is "Summer." This fellow looks as if he's got braces. I'm not sure if you can see it here, but the artist's name appears on the collar of the shirt and the date he painted the picture is on the shoulder.
As you might imagine, this one is called "Autumn." I wish so much that I could see these in person, because I bet I'm missing so many cool details. This is my favorite of the four, maybe because I like fall, and this guy is just cute in a grandfatherly kind of way.
Finally we have "Winter." This guy isn't made up of as many different objects and looks slightly creepy to me. But I do dig the gnarled wood skin.

Have a terrific weekend! Hope you enjoyed the art.



Blogger Adelle said...

Very kewl art!

Ducking while she says, Tag you're it! Visit my BLOG for details *wink

7:45 AM  
Anonymous gabriella hewitt said...

Kate, Wherever do you find all these art works? This is an interesting collection. Fascinating to see in a museum or gallery but I'm not sure I'd want to see it on my dining room wall. LOL!

6:38 AM  

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