Thursday, January 26, 2006

Through the Roof Hot Factor

My book Carnal Devotions (see sidebar) was published on Halloween, 2005. I got a couple of good reviews and since this is my blog and a place for me to be me, I'm posting excerpts from the review. If you'd like to see the whole thing, go to or click on the title of this blog entry.

Carnal Devotions is...a wonderful edge of the seat ride. Ms. Willoughby writes a tale of a magical sex ring that will deliver orgasmic delight to the wearer yet draws them deeper into the world of the goddess who made it. Her sensual weaving of a storyline left this reviewer breathless as Nathan fantasized about Annie more and more.

This reviewer was amazed at the character definition during the story. They started off stilted and stiff but it was like they were warming up to a room of people, they just took off in after a few chapters were read. The next thing this reviewer found was the hot factor went literally up and through the roof!! Carnal Devotions delivers a wild climatic ending that will have the reader rooting for Nathan and Annie. Run to read this exciting and breathtaking new author’s first book and find out what happens when an ancient sex toy brings two unlikely people together and the bliss it will give them.



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