Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where are the damn scissors?

This Week's Recommendation: Brother P-touch 65 Label Maker

This little gadget is one of my favorites. It only runs about forty bucks and really comes in handy. I use it to label folders, obviously. I have labeled the lids of my spice canisters, since I have them in a container and couldn't read which jar was which without lifting them up. All the boxes in the garage have neat labels on them. Sports equipment and school supplies also get labels. When I bring a potluck to school, I stick my name on the serving platter and utensils. The list is endless.

As for the scissors...I have several pairs in the house: in the gift wrapping box, in the den, in the junk drawer in the kitchen, etc. What was happening was I'd go to cut something and not be able to find scissors. A search around the house would show two pairs in the same place or more often, just left out. Now that they're labelled, the males in the family have no excuse why the scissors cannot be returned to their rightful place.

Now, does that little trick work? Are my scissors miraculously sitting where they're supposed to be whenever I want them? Most of the time yes. Now if only I could devise a method for keeping Lego bricks off the living room floor...



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