Monday, April 24, 2006

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Today's Trivia Topic: Oranges

I need to go make a special trip to the grocery store today. $173 dollars spent at Ralph's yesterday and I didn't get everything I needed! Mother-in-law and Aunt-in-law (?) are coming for dinner and I need oranges for the recipe I'm making.

From the Sunkist website:

Even though the fruit is deliciously sweet and completely ripe, Valencia oranges may occasionally "regreen" in warm weather. When the fruit ripens on the tree, it turns a bright orange color, as usual. But the warm temperatures of the season may make the skin reabsorb chlorophyll as it hangs on the tree, causing a ripe orange to look partly green.

Citrus growers want to make sure all their trees produce the same high quality fruit. To do this, each new tree they plant is grown, or propagated, by grafting or budding instead of by seed.

More than 99% of citrus flowers fall off the tree. The ones that remain become fruit.

Since the body does not store Vitamin C, it should be replenish daily for optimum health and eating citrus at the first sign of a cold or the flu may keep the illness from fully developing and help you recover faster. A medium-sized orange, for example, provides 130% of the recommended daily value (RDV) of Vitamin C along with other beneficial nutrients like folate, potassium and fiber.


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