Tuesday, October 03, 2006

L is for Loser

I recently entered a contest Ben and Jerry's had to create a new flavor for them. I really don't remember what my flavor was, but when I see what made the finals, I can see why I didn't win! Oh well, maybe I can console myself by eating these flavors if they get produced.

Italian Renaissance: amaretto liqueur ice cream, cherry chunks and sliced almonds. I am SO into this flavor. Love amaretto, cherries, and almonds! And it's Italian Ren? PLEASE! I love all things Italian.

Mojito: a lime-based sherbet with mint, brown sugar and rum added in. Well, heck, I didn't even think about liquor as an ingredient when I thought up my flavor (whatever the heck it was.)

Wackie Chan: sweet cream and ginger-flavored ice cream, with chocolate-covered fortune cookie bits and fudge swirl. I'm kicking myself that as a Chinese person I didn't think of this one. The name stillcracks me up.

Puttin' on a Ritz: vanilla ice cream, caramel and Ritz crackers.
ApricotAbra: a mix of apricot chunks, dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream and tart apricot preserves. I probably wouldn't buy this, but the idea is clever.

So, what's your favorite Ben and Jerry's (or any ice cream!) flavor? Mine's Cherry Garcia.


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