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Stella and Audra Price Spotlight

Stella Price is one half of a prolific writing duo. She and her sister, Audra, have created a universe inhabited by a host of otherworldly beings. Like Kayelle Allen, whom I interviewed last week, they have paid an incredible amount of attention to detail. In fact, they have an entire blog dedicated to the different races of their world. But let's not leave our own world just yet. Stay and find out a little more about Stella.

Tell me how you go about writing with a partner.

Writing with a partner isn’t as hard as everyone seems to think it is, or maybe it's because I’m writing with my sister. Audra and I are always on the same page, and we feed off each others ideas. In actual mechanicals we keep it simple. One of us writes one part exclusively while the other writes the other part. So in a relationship where you have two people, it really is two people exclusively in each head. Did that make any sense? With secondary characters, we switch back and forth, depending whose character is talking to whom. And all dialogs are done over IM so it’s like an actual conversation.

You have a Café Press store. Would you recommend that to other writers?

I love our café Press store. I don’t promo it a lot, not yet at least, but it’s a great way to get your stuff out there. I had 5 years in the music business touring with bands and I noticed one major thing-- t-shirts equal publicity people pay to have the honor of wearing. Now while that’s true for bands, I figured why not have it work for us as well. So I made the graphics to actually coincide with our Eververse series. Once that’s out, fans will have the chance to show what demon races they support in the books. I’m really looking forward to seeing someone wearing a Eververse t-shirt or hoodie. It's going to be so cool!

You’ve created Eververse, a world inhabited by different races: demons, genies, fey, witches, psychics, and dragons. If you had to live your life as one, which would you choose and why?

Definitely Demon. They are our first loves. And if we are going one further, I would say I would be a Conglacio, or Ice demon. Out of nine demon races, they are the ones we write about most often. Hell, the entire Eververse series revolves around them. But if I couldn’t pick Conglacio, I would have to pick a Strigo, who are the time demons. To be able to stop cool.

What was your favorite book when you were twelve?

Ooh...didn’t I block twelve out? I might have, seeing as I think I blocked out all of middle school and most of high school. I was into the Christopher Pike books back then so it would have probably been his book Remember Me. My cousins got me into them and I liked to scare myself before I went to sleep.

If you had to live out one of your stories, which would it be? Why?

JUST ONE?!? LOL Well if I had to pick just one, I think it would have to be Sugar and Sin. The heroine in it gets, not one, but TWO dishy demons at her beck and call, two men both powerful and extremely sexy, not to mention she’s a powerful witch as well. Wealthy, beautiful and has two of the most deadly men in the Afterverse lusting over her? Count me in...

Now, for some more off the wall questions. If you could win an Olympic medal, what sport would it be in?

Ooh! I wanna win at curling! That crazy sport my sister's ancestors thought up is hysterical. I have heard from her though that the Scots haven’t won an Olympic Curling medal in ages.

If you could have dinner with any author, living or dead, who would
you choose and what would you eat?

Anais Nin. Honestly they had sex with words. My love of erotica was stroked with the book Delta of Venus and I would love just to be there you know, with a person so verbally erotic. As for food? Well, I’m a big fan of sushi...

What would you do with $1000 in spare cash?

Grab Audra a plane ticket and have her come visit for a while. She needs to be in the States more often.

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Hmm. That would be to always listen to your gut. That advice helped a lot in a lot of places in my life, and it’s the only thing that you can be really sure of, your own natural reaction to a situation. Saved my life a few times too.

Would you rather be a little smarter or a little sexier?

Yikes, that’s a hard one. I think one equates to the other really. I mean being smart is sexy, you know, and being sexy is a smart thing in this day and age. Gets you where you need to go in most cases. So I don’t think it’s an actual choice really. Not to mention both are easy to improve on, as long as you have the drive to do it.


I'd like to thank Stella for taking the time to talk with me. Please visit her and her sister at their website or visit their writer's blog or the one dedicated to Eververse.



Blogger Anna J. Evans said...

Great interview Kate! I really enjoyed it. Demons are taking off lately. I have one in the works and my CP is doing a fabulous non-romance demon book right now.

Happy Thursday,

Anna J. Evans

9:43 AM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Thanks, Anna! As always, I love seeing you here. :D

3:13 PM  

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