Sunday, September 16, 2007

ALL IN: Contest Winner and Trivia Answers

Ah..the week has come to a close. As promised, here are the answers to the poker trivia quiz.

1. A - Rabbit Hunt – To ask the dealer to deal cards after the hand is over and the main pot has been won already.
2. B – Blistering - Marking cards with an intention to cheat.
3. B – Nuts - A cinch hand, or the best possible hand at any point in the game.
4. B - Draw Dead - To draw to a hand that cannot win.
5. A – Fast - An aggressive style of play.
6. A – Limp In - To enter the pot by calling rather than raising.
7. C - Live One - An inexperienced, bad or loose player who apparently has plenty of money to lose.

And, the winner of the millefiori necklace is Jennifer Lewis! Congratulations, Jennifer! Email me your home address and I'll mail you your prize!

I hope you all had fun during ALL IN Week. I think you'd have more fun reading the book itself, though. Hint hint! Tomorrow I go back to my regular blogging, but after that A MAN OF VISION, my story in the Ellora's Caveman Seasons of Seduction Volume III, comes out on Sunday, September 23, so it will be another week of celebration.

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