Friday, September 14, 2007

ALL IN Sex Stats


The first novella in the Be-Wished series is coming out today from Ellora's Cave! You can now buy it, and read it, and hopefully love it.

And don't forget about the contest! You have until Saturday to enter because I announce the winner on Sunday.

When three close friends made margarita-fueled wishes on magical woven bracelets, none of them ever dreamed that their sexy wishes might come true.

But then a real-life fairy appears with United Wish Federation credentials and a ludicrous claim that Mariah’s wish is her command. And before Mariah can say bippity-boppity-boo, old flame Tucker arrives in town…and in Mariah’s bed.

Life on the road is a lonely one, but when Tucker bumps into Mariah again, all that changes. Sparks immediately fly and it’s all he can do to keep his hands off her. As things deepen between them, he swears he'll be damned before he passes on a second chance to reconnect with a woman he never forgot.

But wishes aren’t always simple and Happily Ever After is never guaranteed. It will be up to Mariah to go all in and make her wish last a lifetime…or lose Tucker forever.

Just for fun I always like to calculate a few sex stats on my stories. Here's how this tale's numbers came in:

Number of sex scenes: 6
Shortest scene: 213 words
Longest scene: 3115 words
Sex percentage: 34%

Yeah, I write sexy, all right. Luckily, my publisher, Ellora's Cave, likes that.

Now, go buy the book. :D



Blogger Laura Bacchi said...

Wishing you a gazillion sales!!!

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