Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MAN OF VISION: Photo Gallery

This week on my blog it's all about my new release, A Man of Vision in Ellora's Cavemen Seasons of Seduction Volume III. This is my first book in print ever!

I rarely find photos that embody the characters I create, but even if he seems a tad young, this man simply IS Cristoforo, the hero of my new release. Here's a short description of him directly from the book:

He had highly defined arms and shoulders—a result, no doubt, of his profession—and his hands possessed an arcane power and beauty. She also noted with pleasure that, unlike her last patron, his taut abdomen held little fat. No, Valtieri was very handsome, but looks alone didn’t explain her attraction to him.

Then, naked, he sat on the edge of the bed and caught her gaze. That did it. It was his eyes. His deep-set, dark brown eyes seemed to capture hers, making it impossible to look away until he allowed it. With them he communicated his need so fully that her body thrummed with a primitive insistence. Longing pulsed within her, moistening her sex. As his thumb scraped her cheek, she shuddered, wondering how he kissed. But then he curled his hand around the back of her neck and she didn’t have to wonder anymore.

Here is a photo of the famous Duomo in Florence, Italy. My story actually takes place outside of Florence, but Delphine, the heroine, can see the city from her balcony. Someday I'm going there again. Italy was my favorite country when I did a student tour of the continent back in '85. We saw 14 countries in 4 weeks.

Because the word length was so short, I wasn't able to include the last chapter of my story in the actual book, so I have posted it on an Epilogue Blog called Visiting the Valtieris. Of course, I highly recommend you read A Man of Vision first, so when the epilogue will make sense to you. Regardless, here's a picture of the Coco Chanel Suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Before she made her mark in fashion, Coco Chanel was a mistress, like Delphine. Neato, huh!



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