Friday, March 07, 2008

Artist: Gustav Stickley

I recently took the second step toward giving the interior of my house an exciting look. My dear hubby and I love the Arts and Crafts style, also known as the Mission style. If you're a frequent visitor of my blog, you might remember my post about the Gamble House, one of the most beautiful examples, inside and out, of this American movement in art.

I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful cousin, Janene, who has a fantastic eye for interiors. She and I had a great time furniture shopping and saw a reproduction of a very famous chair designed by Gustav Stickley (1858-1952), a furniture maker, architect, and leader of the American Arts and Crafts movement. This is a reproduction of his drop arm slat Morris recliner, and it sells for $3800. And that was just for the chair, not the ottoman! Yowsa. Clearly way beyond our budget. (I also so a dining room set that I adored. The table was narrow enough to fit our small dining room and it was just breathtakingly beautiful. However, upon asking for prices we found the table was $1300 and the chairs were$700 EACH. Again, not in our price range. At all.)

About a month after our shopping expedition, Janene emailed me a photo of this chair. I really liked it. And the best part was it was on sale at for a mere $800. SOLD! At this very moment, this chair sits three feet away from me. It's very comfy and the leather is distressed, which you can't see in the photo. I adore this chair. Everyone in my family loves this chair. If you sat in it, you'd love it, too. So, come on over. Put your feet up. Or put of $800 and you can have your own!



Blogger Anna J. Evans said...

I LOVE the mission style too. That's what I used in my office. Of was the Target mission style line, lol.

Target is my budget, for now. And once I'm rich and famous...or maybe just a little riche, lol...the first thing on the list is a new couch. Ours is SO uncomfortable.

Anna J. Evans

ps. I'm not going to San Fran :( It wasn't on the budget this year and I've got two August deadlines, so there is no time. But next year, you can bank on it!

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Blogger Kate Willoughby said...


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