Friday, July 25, 2008

Artist: Paulette Insall

I found Paulette Insall serendipitously via my Google home page. I love the serenity of the faces she paints. The cool thing is that she teaches painting classes online. I might have signed up for one if there was one available right now.

The painting above is called "Follow." The butterfly is flitting behind her, and it's unclear to me whether she sees it or not. Her expression is somewhat dour, maybe even a little angry, and it seems to me that she needs to let go and follow the butterfly, to invite some chance into her life and be carefree.

This painting is called "Tangled Heart." The text says "Somehow, she gave the tangle of her heart--that went out like a pair of wings." This message seemed perfect for me as a writer. I liked the idea that my books come from my heart and that when I publish them they fly away. But after that, my metaphor kind of falls apart. If they're birds, do they end up standing on statues, pooping? Do they just migrate south? LOL There's no way I can think of to connect the wing/bird thing to readers. So, maybe it's not so perfect after all.

This last one is called "See The Beauty." The text reads, "If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset. --Krishnamurti" I thought it was interesting that the heart on her shirt has a tunnel on it, like a hole in her heart. Also her wings are so small. Perhaps that's because they're atrophied. Despite that, I feel hopeful for this woman. It's never too late to strive for what you want, what you dream of.

Dream big this weekend!



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