Friday, October 03, 2008

The First Sparkle of the Topaz!

Here's the cover for my next release!!! Squeeeee!!

I'm currently in the last round of edits for this Topaz themed novella, due out in November and I'm really excited. It's the first time I've ever created an entire world.

In All In and A Wolf at Her Door (the Be-Wished series) there's a fairy world that I made up, but it co-exists with our world, so it feels more like a half-world. And within Wolf, there's the werewolf shifter sub-culture, but again, it had to jive with Earth and us pitiful, non-paranormal humans.

But in Secrets of the Jin-Hakku, everything's new. I was God. It was so cool.

Anyway, I digress. The real subject of this post was supposed to be the rockin' cover. View it. Admire it. Allow the subliminal message to fully enter your brain. (BUY IT IN NOVEMBER...BUY IT IN NOVEMBER...)

P.S. I need to apologize for hijacking my own blog. I was supposed to post about why Grant Wood's painting "Young Corn" has significance for me, but the arrival of my new cover disrupted the plan.

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Blogger Mia Varano said...

Love the cover - talk about smokin' hot!

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Great cover, Kate!

7:12 AM  
Blogger Eden Bradley said...

Awesome Kate! Love your title!!!

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Sylvie Fox said...

Cool. Congrats.

9:34 AM  

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