Thursday, September 25, 2008

A WOLF AT HER DOOR: The Cutting Room Floor

Welcome to Day 4 of A Wolf at Her Door Week on my blog! Every Thursday I do a Thursday 3 list (which is an abbreviated version of the Thursday 13 meme), so today I'm going to list three ideas that never made it into A Wolf at Her Door.

1. I wanted my shapeshifter "world" to be a little different from everyone else's. One of the things I thought of was, besides the full moon, to have extreme danger also provoke my hero into changing into wolf form. This way, when he and Paige were threatened by a mountain lion or pack of real wolves, he could defend her. This was way back when I had planned to make the conflict between them be more about her disbelief that he was a werewolf. I envisioned Paige to be so shocked to see him change that it freaked her out. But then I decided that was a little wimpy. If she was willing to throw away a future with Adam because of that, she didn't deserve him.

2. Another climactic scene I had considered was one involving the rest of Adam's family. I toyed with the idea that they were not amenable to accepting a human woman as part of "the pack," and that when Paige went to his family home/ranch/whatever, to find him (after wimpily freaking out and declaring she couldn't be with him) the family would all be in wolf form and surround her, growling. Of course, Adam would arrive and set them all straight. (My critique partners joked that in that scene he should say to them something along the lines of, "Do you even know who the hell that is? That's my bitch." LMAO.)

3. I also thought maybe mixed marriages were allowed, but had to be sanctioned by a Shifter Council. Maybe you had to get a special license, like those Regency couples who dashed off to Gretna Green. (Or was that outright elopement?) Anyway, that got nixxed, too.
So, question: if you fell in love with a man and found out he was a wolf a few days out of the month and you would have to live a double life, keeping that a secret forever, would you do it?
(All comments this week get you a chance to win a free copy of Wolf. Winner to be announced 9/29.)



Blogger Stephen D. Rogers said...

Love the nixxed scenes. I've often thought novels could incorporate deleted scenes, the way DVDs do.

My wife is not a werewolf, but the face of her I see is not necessarily what outsiders see. To that extent, any married person lives a double life.


7:42 AM  
Blogger Paige Tyler said...

Great ideas! And in answer to your question, heck yeah! Though I'd want him to turn me into a werewolf, too!


My TT is at

8:30 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

It's always interesting to see how different one author's "world" is from another. Neat to read about your "delated" scenes, too.

And yes, I think I could live with a werewolf. Heck, doesn't everyone have personality changes on a regular basis or some weird quirk or other?

8:47 PM  
Blogger Deanne said...

Would I marry a werewolf...
Good question.
Well, my dh married a bitch so I guess I could marry a werewolf.
OH KIDDING. I'm not THAT bad.

Seriously... I guess it would depend on the... dog.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Lucie Simone said...

I realize I'm late to comment, but your question is such a good one. Basically, you're asking, what are we willing to put up with for love? Me, I don't know that I could marry a guy knowing he turns into a wolf a few times a month and then have to live a double life in order to stay with him. Why? I simply cannot keep a secret. One cocktail and I'd be spilling my hubby's canine habits to whomever would listen.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Stephen, I actually put reject stuff for all my books on my website, like DVD special features. :)

Paige, I'm totally smiling at your comment but can't say why here on the blog.

D - you crack me up.

Lucie, so you'd have to give up alcohol, too. The horror!

1:48 PM  

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