Friday, February 24, 2006

My Writing Process

I find that selling a story to Woman’s World motivates me to write more for them. Funny how that positive reinforcement works, huh! They weren’t just pulling my leg in Psych 101.

Anyway, I went into my “Woman’s World Ideas” file and here’s what I found:

-E-bay she buys something from him and sees he lives nearby. She wants to pick it up to save shipping.
-Host a UK coach?
-Jury duty
-"Sweet Tooth"
-"Yours Truly"
-Christmas lights -- friendly competition, santa sleigh and reindeer won’t fit on her lawn.
-Thanksgiving – meet the parents, he’s a cook. Kitchen fire? mom asks for specific recipe?
-School starting – shopping for school supplies? Retiring teacher turns to subbing.
-Raking leaves
-“Blast from the Past”

Yeah, it probably reads like gobbledeegook, but it makes sense to me!

Anyway, I decided to write a story that would fit in to a specific time of year. Thinking that they seem to schedule six to seven months ahead from when I originally submit a story, I chose to write a story in the fall. The “school starting” phrase caught my eye and I got an idea to write about a woman whose child is starting kindergarten. I had written one about a woman whose last child is leaving the nest to get married and thought I’d hit the same theme, but earlier in the “life cycle.” So, I’m halfway into “That Special Touch” (working title) and should be done in a week or so. Then, it goes to my infinitely wise critique partners. After they give me their comments, I revise and send, usually the next day.



Anonymous Anna J. Evans said...

congrats on the sale again Kim and thanks for the advice today!

Just thought I'd chime in and say 'no coaches'. My story that wasn't rejected for being too mean was rejected because they've been seeing too many 'coach' stories. Who knew?

Anna J.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Well, shoot! I just last week sent in a story about a soccer coach. Grrr. Oh, well, it certainly won't be the first story they reject of mine!

11:19 PM  

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