Monday, May 01, 2006

New Review Feature

I'm going to start writing very short reviews of the romance stories that appear in Woman's World magazine, a publication in which my work sometimes appears. I'm in the process of developing an online class for writers who might like similar success with this magazine, and this will help me zero in on what the editors like. So, you all will have to suffer!

From the May 9th issue of Woman's World: "The Prom" by Lynn Olcott, in which Laura realizes it's never too late to enjoy dressing up, dancing with a handsome man and, maybe, falling in love.

I found the use of first person, present tense unwieldly, but the premise was cute. The ending fell a little flat, for me.

Best Part: "Would you like to..." he seems to be searching for an appropriate invitation for almost one in the morning. This made me laugh. Poor guy!

Worst Part: She is as lovely as a flower. Oh, a writer should be able to come up with a more descriptive simile than this.

Sweetness Rating: 3/5

Originality: 3.5/5



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