Thursday, September 14, 2006

Feel Good Book

Recommendation: Her Baby's Secret Father by Lynne Marshall.

If you want to read a feel-good book, I highly recommend Lynne Marshall's first novel, Her Baby's Secret Father. Yes, the title is a little goofy, but you really just have to get past that, because if you let that stop you, you'll miss out on a great story. This is, admittedly, the first Mills & Boon Medical that I've ever read, but if this is par for them, then I should probably be reading more!

Lynne obviously knows her medicine, but the terminology and procedures were explained well enough so that I didn't feel like I was wading through tons of technical jargon. In fact, I actually enjoyed it learning that polydactyly is having an extra digit on the side of the hand.

I'm always amazed when authors can work around a post-partum heroine and still manage to get in a good love scene. It's tricky to make the reader believe that the heroine is interested in sex, having recently given birth, not to mention toeing the line between breasts for nursing and breasts as errogenous zones, but Marshall did a masterful job with this.

Finally, as popular as alpha heroes are, I like a nice beta guy once in a while. Terrance is definitely a manly man. I can still picture him in those jeans with the slash on the back of the thigh or in his running shorts. Yum! But he has a sensitive side that really made me want to get cuddled by him. (Can I WRITE a more passive sentence? LOL)

Anyway, go to the Mills & Boon website and order this book. You won't be disappointed. Reading Her Baby's Secret Father is like getting a warm hug that lasts one hundred and eighty six pages.


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