Thursday, October 05, 2006

Five Good Things

Woman's World Review: "Simple Solution" by Walda Cameron, from the October 10th issue of Woman's World

Tagline: All Hannah and Jim had was love--and that was all they needed...

This was a story about an already established couple going through some hard times. I liked this story, probably because I can relate. Every marriage has it's rocky periods. The heroine, Hannah, thinks her husband is having an affair, and of course, the reader knows he's not -- not in a Woman's World story! I did think that Hannah acted immaturely, but that left lots of room for her to grow, which she did.

Best Part: The ending was strong. I felt very hopeful for this couple. My heart was affected more with this story than most of the others, probably because the stakes were higher. This couple risked the loss of a marriage. Usually it's just "Will they date each other?"

Just My Humble Opinion: "How long have you carried this burden alone?" This line doesn't sound like something a person would actually say in real life.

Grade: B+


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