Friday, December 14, 2007

Artist: Judith T. Greenberg

Happy Art Friday, everyone!

This piece is titled Flora by Judith T. Greenberg. I like the bright colors and that open book shape. Even though it's called Flora, it reminds me of a comfy bed, inviting me to snuggle in with some hot chocolate (even though I really drink a lot more coffee than cocoa.) It also feels slightly Asian to me, which could be another reason why I like it.

Artist's Statement: I'm interested in the complex patterns that define the uniqueness of the smallest parts of nature and how these small microcosms contribute to the grander patterns of our changing environment. My intention is to construct pieces that describe visually a place and time, that convey the energy and design of a particular moment.

My hope is that the pieces that result become passages that evoke both a sense of the familiar and the mysterious.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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