Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday 3: The Shinwa

Last month, I decided to write a Quickie for Ellora's Cave's Gemstone series. I like the challenge of proposed themes. It brings out the creativity in me because I always want to make mine stand out from the others in some way. The trouble was there was a very tight deadline for Topaz stories - May 1.

I wasn't sure I could write 10-15K in less than a month. I'm an extremely slow writer, usually. However, I'm proud to say that I did it! THE TOPAZ TRIAD is a paranormal menage story that I am submitting to my editor, Mary Altman, today. (This is the reason I've neglected this blog for the last week and a half.)

Here's a blurb-type thing.

In order to conceive a child, the Shinwa people must form triads—two males and one female. Kai, Joran, and Hana are one such triad, but sadly after fourteen years, Hana appears to be barren. Desperate, they consult a long-forgotten text and devise a treatment that relies on the dubious powers of a topaz and a rigorous sexual regimen that will severely test the men’s endurance and self-control. Although there’s no guarantee that it will work, they have no choice but to try it, because if Hana goes much longer without conceiving, she faces a lingering death.

I had a lot of fun creating a different world. This week I'm listing three things unique to the Japanese-influenced world of the Shinwa people.

1. Conception can only be achieved by two males and one female.

2. Periods for Shinwa women are kinda different. When they're young, they fall into a deep sleep. (Actually, that sounds kind of nice in comparison.) But as they get older, if they fail to conceive a child, the sleep becomes like hibernation and the amount of time they're under gets longer and longer.

3. One of the signs that a Shinwa woman is pregnant is a significant darkening of the nipples.

So, now the waiting begins. I know the Topaz stories must be published in November, so it won't be too long before I find out, and in the meantime, I have edits to complete on A WOLF AT HER DOOR. Happy Thursday!

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