Friday, June 13, 2008

Artist: Artemis

I have always been enamored of geisha and loved Memoirs of a Geisha until the ending, which sucked. But I digress. Here is a beautiful photo of two geisha.

According to, "the word Geisha literally translates to "arts person" or "one trained in arts" (gei = art, sha = person). It is also sometimes described as "women of arts, which is exactly what a Geisha is - a woman trained in the traditional arts of Japan such as dance, music, singing to name a few."

A few interesting tidbits:
--Contrary to popular belief, they were not prostitutes and were forbidden by law to sell sex.
--It could take up to an hour for a geisha to dress.
--In order to preserve their elaborate hairstyles, they slept with their necks on raised supports.
--A geisha was paid for their time in increments measured by how long it takes an incense stick to burn.

Enjoy your weekend!! (And Happy Father's Day to any dads out there!)



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