Friday, May 30, 2008

Artist: Paul-Emile Becat

I was introduced to this artist by fellow erotic romance author, Evie Byrne, who also happens to be an art historian. Very cool! Here's her blog, Erotika Revue.

Here is a short bio from The Erotica Bibliophile:

Paul-Emile Bécat was born February 2nd, 1885 in Paris. He was an accomplished printmaker, painter and extremely prolific illustrator. Bécat studied at l’École des Beaux-Arts in Paris under Flammeng and Ferrier. He received the Prix de Rome, the médaille d’argent at the Salon des Artistes Français where he also was a member, and the Prix de Robert de Rougé. Becat died in 1960.

I really love this image. It's so provocative. It sort of reminds me of my Liquid Silver novella, Hostile Takeover, but with the characters in period clothing. I'm only supposing that the woman is a bride, because she seems so reticent. In my search for images by Becat, I found that he also illustrated a deck of cards, which I immediately coveted, but the images weren't nearly as sexual, and the website only displayed five of the face cards. His images are so charmingly historic that it's strange to think that this artist was alive only two years before I was born. Anyway, enjoy your weekend.



Blogger sis:.kelly said...

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Anonymous evie byrne said...

Thanks for the mention, Kate.

Bécat is one of my favorite erotic illustrators. This is a really interesting image from him, because it's darker than most of his work, which tends to be storybook charming. This, even, is pretty sweet for coercion.

I think you're right, her white negligee seems to indicate that this is some kind of wedding night negotiation.

And it's easy to think that he worked earlier than he did. So many of his illustrations are set in the 18th century, that I think he must have the same kinky attraction to that era as I do.

Thanks for digging up this treasure!


6:07 PM  

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