Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Decade of Memories

I've tried keeping journals before throughout my life. I've never succeeded. Until now. As of this month, I've written in my journal every day (missing only about 5 days) for an entire year! How did I do it? It really wasn't that hard!

The secret is the Ten Year Journal. Don't freak out about the title because the thing is, the TYJ only requires four lines per day. Four lines! Who can't carve out the time to write four lines about your day? I keep it by my bed and jot down stuff before I hit the hay. It's so easy.

If you have more than four lines of junk that happened, you have a multitude of carry-over pages at the back. Also, it's great because now that I'm on my second year of journaling, every day I can see what I was doing the year before. The four lines I'm filling currently are directly below last year's four lines.

I can't recommend this journal enough. It's perfect for people who want to journal but were always intimidated by the WHOLE BLANK PAGE per day set up. Buy the Ten Year Journal here.



Anonymous Robin said...

That is so cool, Kate. Congrats on the first year done! How neat it will be in a few years to look back and see what you jotted down.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Thanks, Robin! And thanks for being such a loyal visitor. I come everyday to your blog, but I don't comment every time. :)

7:39 PM  

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