Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday 3: Fast Pass to Fun

There's a popular meme called Thursday 13 in which every Thursday you make a list of thirteen things. I did this for a few months, but I don't have time for thirteen! So, I whittled it down to Thursday 3.

I love Disneyland. Good thing that I live only about an hour away from it. This Thursday I'm listing my three favorite attractions from when I was little.

1. Storybook Land Canal Boats
- I loved this ride, even if I couldn't look that giant whale in the eye. When I got older I wanted to be one of the gals who sat on the front of the boat and lead the tour. I was always amazed at the teensy tiny gardens.

2. It's a Small World
- I love to sing (though not all love to hear me sing.) Luckily the music is so loud in this ride, I can belt out the tune to my heart's content. When I was little I think I just loved seeing all the different countries represented. If there had been dolls made of the IASW people, I would have tried to collect them all. I always also tried to identify the different languages that the hello/goodbye signs displayed.

3. Carousel of Progress - I remember liking this attraction a lot. I vaguely remember a light up model of a city of tomorrow and being amazed. It's surprising that that entire building still rotates smoothly after so many decades. Go here to see a video of the show.



Anonymous Robin said...

Oh, I love Disneyland! When I was young we went every summer and stayed a few days. It was great. And I still love It's A Small World.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Paige Tyler said...

I absolutely love Disney!


My TT is at

11:06 AM  

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