Monday, July 07, 2008

Writerly Wonderings

I recently finished writing a novella set in an alternate world that I created. I had so much fun. I'd never done that before, but having read a gazillion fantasy and science fiction books when I was a young(er!) woman, I had a good idea of what was necessary.

I borrowed a good deal from the Japanese culture, which has fascinated me ever since I saw the mini-series Shogun on TV in the seventies and then read the book. I made hot baths a central and social activity in the lives of my Shinwa people. Any names or words I made up had an Asian feel to them. Their society is feudal, but somewhat matriarchal. And my main characters wear robes, called yukata, the actual Japanese word for robe. I may change that though and just make a word up. My editor, Suz, and I have yet to get to the editing stage.

Anyway, I'm infatuated with my world and I want to set more stories in it, and I wonder if this is normal. After I finish my current Be-Wished series for Ellora's Cave, I want to explore the Shinwa world some more, which would mean writing more menage stories. (The Shinwa people form triads, not couples. Conception requires two males and one female.) So, I'm wondering if Sherrilyn Kenyon, Angela Knight, Nora Roberts, etc. experience that same pull. It's a lot like when I became obsessed with beading and I made dozens and dozens of bracelets. I would make a pretty pattern and color combination and then get an idea of how to do that same thing but with a slight twist, like variations on a theme. I ended up with no two bracelets exactly the same.

Also, I am concerned about my voice. My Shinwa voice is so different from my Be-Wished voice. I worry that my readers will be upset/disgruntled if they expect one and get the other. **sighs**



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