Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Question: Waste of paper?

My son is selling magazine subscriptions as part of his junior high school fundraiser. I am letting some of my subscriptions lapse:

Martha Stewart's Living - I've subscribed to this for many years, mainly because it's a beautiful, beautiful magazine. But I've come to the reluctant conclusion that, even though I cut out many of the recipes, it's not that valuable to me since I don't really entertain or garden on the same level as Martha does.

Woman's Day - This isn't a bad magazine, however, I just can't stand how thin the pages are. How ridiculous is that? It bugs me so much that I am willing to forgo the entire magazine.

So, what to order???

I don't want is fashion and beauty suggestions that are WAY too expensive. I used to subscribe to In Style, but it was too Hollywood oriented, and I didn't recognize half the celebs in it.

I want articles that apply to women who aren't trying to snag men with sex tricks and who aren't size zero. I like recipes. I obviously like pages that aren't like tissue. LOL.

Do you have any suggestions? What magazines do you subscribe to, if any?

I'm considering Everyday with Rachel Ray, Marie Claire, and Lucky. Suggestions, recommendations?



Anonymous Robin said...

I love reading magazines, but feel like I don't have much time to read them anymore. Sunset is a great magazine. I get marie claire and don't love it. And then I like all the entertainment type mags, which it sounds like you don't want. I've read a few of Rachel Ray's magazines though, and always find a great recipe.

Good luck and happy reading!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

I get Woman's World, The Writer, and Writers Digest

7:30 PM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Well, they ended up not even having Rachael Ray's magazine available, the little boogers. And when I looked up the Lucky description, it said it was a shopping magazine, which bothered me. It seemed as if they were saying "Our magazine is all about getting you to go buy things." While I appreciate the honesty, I still objected.

Robin, I used to get Sunset, but I thought I'd branch out this year.

Pat, same with Writer's Digest. It's a great magazine, but I sometimes like change. :)

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

I tried Ladies Home Journal when my grandson was selling magazines, but got bored with after a while. My sister likes Victorian, is that on there?

8:19 AM  

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