Friday, October 24, 2008

Artist: Patrick J. Reynolds

Welcome to another Art Friday on my blog. Today I'm featuring the art of Patrick J. Reynolds. He is described as a 21st century Pre-Raphaelite. According to his website:

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, or PRB, was formed in 1848 when a group of young painters in Britain who wished to experiment with the Horatian principle of ut pictura poesis, meaning that painting and poetry are simply two different ways of expressing the same ideas.

He also describes his work as figurative romanticism. This first piece is called Eternal Embrace. I can see a whole story evolving from this image. It's so provocative. You can see so much emotion. You can almost feel it yourself.

He must have really liked this one because he sells it in oil, and as prints, and then he also made a sculpture out of it.

I happened to see that the original work sold for $22,000. Nice.

This second one is called The Other Side of Yesterday. This also makes me wonder about who this woman is and what her story is. Is she climbing the wall? Is she thinking about a lover? Is she waiting for one, anticipating the night to come?

Finally, we have a piece of his I couldn't find a name for. Again, their emotion is so stark. They're so entwined that even their hair is indistiguishable from the other's. The man is so intense, so protective. I wish I could see the rest of his face.

Anyway, I hope you liked this week's little gallery showing. Have a great weekend!



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