Friday, May 05, 2006

As Bright as the Sun

I've decided to enter the Phaze Heat Sheet Contest. This time they want erotic romance set in the sensual heat of South America. I brainstormed a terrific idea last night, did some research, and am ready to go. The deadline is June 4th, so I have to get a move on!

First thing on the agenda is character names. I found three Incan male names: Amaru, Ispaca, and Tiwanku, plus, a nickname for the heroine: Quenti, meaning hummingbird. These guys are Incas, cursed to non-existence, except for the twelve days before the winter solstice, during which they appear in our world with a task that they must all three perform together. As usual, I have almost no inkling about the heroine!

This is a picture of a suspension bridge along the Inca trail leading to the ruins of Macchu Picchu. I picture something significant happening here.


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