Monday, May 14, 2007


Story: "" by J.M.S. Brevelari from the May 15, 2007 issue.

Tagline: Ida had learned just enough about computers to put together 1+1

What follows is an analysis of a Woman's World story with suggestions/observations for people who want to sell stories to WW, peppered with some personal opinion, too. :)

This week a grandmother fixes up her granddaughter with the aid of a computer dating service. If you saw the movie "Must Love Dogs," it's a little similar to that. However, Brevelan never actually shows us the love couple. The story is told through the points of view of the grandmother and her friend which distanced me from the story a bit. I think I would have felt more involved with the story if I had interacted with John and Kerry directly.

Also, the story jumped back and forth between dialogue and backstory a little too often for me. Still, the ending was cute, and the "updating" of the tried and true matchmaker plot was fresh.

Best Part: The wedding was a surprise to me. Kudos to Brevelari for that. It's hard to surprise me in fiction.

In My Humble Opinion:I was a little put off by the snippy attitude of both women. I didn’t find them particularly engaging because of it. Also, it's hard to believe that Evelyn had never heard of email.

Grade: B-

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Blogger Debbie Mumford said...

Really? Oh my.

I LOVED this story. Enjoyed it so much I called my husband downstairs and read it aloud to him! *LOL*

Just goes to show, fiction is SOOO subjective ...

9:36 PM  

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