Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's

Last year we were in Lake Tahoe for a ski trip. We arrived on April first. After dinner, my youngest son, B, and I returned to the hotel early. My hubby and elder son wanted to do a little shopping. When they returned, I told my husband that B had sprained his ankle while crossing the street and probably wouldn't be able to snowboard that trip. My husband just about freaked out thinking about the money he'd paid to rent the equipment, for lift tickets, etc. We let him believe it for about two minutes. It was hilarious.

This year I wasn't feeling so creative, so I spent a little time searching for some good pranks and I'm going to do the following to my family:

1. Insert a raisin in their toothpaste tube.
2. Stuff their shoes with cotton balls.
3. Color the milk with food coloring.
4. Sew their underwear together so when they pull out one pair, all of them come out of the drawer.

Got any pranks planned?



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