Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sneak Peek

I'm hard at work on my third Be-Wished book, tentatively titled DOUBLE DARE. It's been a difficult book to start, but I've managed to get to Chapter Two. Here's a little look at the prologue. I decided to finally show part of the incident that started it all: the scene where the three women make their wishes...

“Your turn, Liv,” Mariah prompted. “What’s your wish? And it has to involve sex.” She took a gulp of her margarita like it was punctuation on her sentence.

“Yeah, sexy sex,” Paige added with a giggle as she examined the brightly colored bracelet that now adorned her wrist. “Slippery, satisfying, sucktastic sex.”

“Sucktastic?” Livvy asked.

“Yeah, like fantastic, but with lots of sucking involved.”

Livvy Campbell laughed. She and her two best friends were enjoying a weekend cruise to Mexico. Earlier in the day they’d all purchased woven bracelets from a street vendor, along with a card that promised a wish made when the bracelet was tied on would come true when the bracelet fell off. So now in one of the dozen lounges on board, the trio were declaring their wishes between margaritas.

“And why should I have to wish for sucktastic sex?” Livvy asked. “Why can’t I wish for world peace or a cure for breast cancer?”

Mariah rolled her eyes. “Because A, world peace and cancer cures are not fun. We’re here to have fun this weekend.”

“Here, here,” Paige said.

“B,” Mariah went on, “we wished for sex, so so should you. And C, you need to get laid more than we do.”

“Yeah,” Paige piped in again. “Like twice as much.”

At that moment, Mariah’s eyes went wide. “That’s it! You should wish for a ménage.”

“A ménage a trois?” Livvy burst out laughing at the thought. “As in me with two guys?”

Mariah nodded slowly. “Two guys at once simatainously. Two guys hot for your body. So hot that they’re willing to share you.”

A lascivious grin came over Paige’s face. “Oh, yeah. If you really wanna go wild, go for DP.”

“What the heck is DP?” Livvy asked. Mariah looked puzzled too.

“Double penetration,” Paige said under her breath, eyeing a couple of guys who were pretending unsuccessfully that they were not listening in. She gave them the evil eye. “Take a hike, guys. This is a private conversation.”

Livvy waited until they wandered away before she asked sotto voce, “Where did you learn about DPs?”

Paige, who rated hotels for a living, shrugged. “Hey, a girl gets bored once in a while, you know? The movies are free for me.”

“So you’re talking…” Livvy leaned forward and spoke in a whisper, “front and back.”

“Yeah, at the same time,” Paige confirmed.

“Oh my God,” Mariah said. “I dare you.”

Paige thumped her fists on the table. “I double dare you.”



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