Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday 3: If I could move...

There's a popular meme called Thursday 13 in which every Thursday you make a list of thirteen things. I did this for a few months, but I don't have time for thirteen! So, I whittled it down to Thursday 3.

I don't think DH and I will ever move from Los Angeles. He's a financial planner and so it's important that he live in the vicinity of his clients. Also, so much of our family lives here. However, I've often fantasized about living in some other state. So, this week I'm presenting three places I'd consider moving to if the opportunity ever arose. Like, say I won the lottery. Yeah! That's even better. Here are three places I'd have a vacation home.

1. Kauai - Mr. T and I honeymooned here and have since returned with the kids. It's gorgeous and Mr. T loves the beach. I'm not so sure about the beach, but would sure enjoy seeing so much green everyday. I'd want a big house so we could entertain guests who would surely want to come visit.

2. Charleston, North Carolina - On the other hand, I have never been to Charleston in my life. I once researched the town way back when when I was writing my very first romance novel, a time-travel set in the days before the Civil War. Will Hawthorne was a plantation owner who was leading a secret life--that of a willing participant in the Underground Railroad. But I digress (as I often do!) As I was researching it, I discovered how much beautiful history it has and how much the inhabitants value that history, unlike we Los Angelians, who in a misguided attempt to separate church and state actually altered the city seal by removing the cross on it despite the fact that--oh wait. I'm digressing again. In a big way. LOL Okay, let's just say, I'd consider replanting myself on the East Coast.

3. Aspen, Colorado - Finally, Mr. T loves the snow. I love the way it looks. I love being inside when it's outside. And it wouldn't be snowy all year long. Maybe I could deal. Maybe not.



Blogger Paige Tyler said...

I absolutely love where we live, but I agree that Hawaii is beautiful!


My TT is at

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

I also will never leave because all the family is here. So my chices are:
Cape May, NJ
Charleston SC
Tuscany Italy

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Hawaii is my favorite place! Can I reserve the guest room now?

9:02 PM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Paige, where do you live?

Pat, ooh, we could be neighbors in Charleston! LOL And I adore Italy. I don't know enough about it to know if I could emigrate there, but this is only speculation anyway, so what the heck. I could so live in Tuscany.

Robin, I already have the lemon biscotti ready for your pillow. :)

9:14 PM  
Blogger Lucie Simone said...

I would live in NYC if I could afford it (and tolerate the weather). Or, I'd move to Venice, Italy. THE most beautiful city I've ever seen. Or, there is Costa Rica. So lush and green, it's like paradise.

And I love the concept for your underground railroad novel. Ever think of revisiting it?


5:03 PM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Lucie, I'm not sure I'm the Big Apple type. I think only if I were super rich could I live there. I thought about Italy, but I didn't really know enough about day to day life there. I love the freedom we have in America, which is the only reason I hesitated adding Florence to the list.

Yes, I've thought often about it. But I'd have to read SO MUCH HISTORY. Again!!! I did so much research for that book and have forgotten almost all of it. I just don't think I could sludge through it a second time. Feel free to take that concept if you want! LOL

6:32 AM  
Blogger Lucie Simone said...

I know what you mean about the research. I have a historical set in Brazil that is knocking around in my head. It's just the reearch that is intimidating me. One of these days, I'll get around to it.

3:47 PM  

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