Friday, August 08, 2008

Artist: Kathleen Lolley

I usually don't like symmetry in art, but this piece by Kathleen Lolley appeals to me. It's called "summon the tree spirit." After perusing this artist's website, I notice she likes owls, trees, and these caped garments. The wings of the owl look like a cape, too. Perhaps the tree spirit is wearing an owl costume that can be removed. (I know. I'm weird. But if you've come to my blog before, you already knew this.)

This second piece is mistitled, if you ask me. it's called "belly of the beast," but to me the owl seems like a sanctuary to the girl, who has been charged with the task of guarding the eggs. Clearly she's been through some sort of trauma while performing her duty and the small bird is doing his best to protect her, now.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my little e-museum and that your weekend is fantastic! See you Monday.



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