Thursday, November 20, 2008

SECRETS OF JIN HAKKU Thursday 3: Three to Tango

There's a popular meme called Thursday 13 in which every Thursday you make a list of thirteen things. I did this for a few months, but I don't have time for thirteen! So, I whittled it down to Thursday 3.

Whenever I have a new release, I traditionally celebrate by dedicating a week's worth of blogging to that book. This post marks the first of five about SECRETS OF THE JIN-HAKKU, which comes out on November 26!

JIN-HAKKU is a menage story. So to start things off I thought I'd post three menage images.

This is probably from a Greek piece of pottery. My friend, Evie Byrne, would be able to tell you much more about this. Maybe she'll pop in and comment. I chose this image because in JIN-HAKKU, Hana gets to enjoy this position with her conjugal pair, Kai and Joran, however, in my book the heftiness of the figures is reversed. This Greek woman is Amazonian compared to Hana!

Here's another menage image. This one made me chuckle. Cats gang-banging. Who knew?

Lastly is a Photoshopped image of me a friend made as a joke. Check out that rack! My chest has never looked that...prominent. Those things look like they could break a window.

Today's Question: Who do you like better? Pitt or Damon?

Any comments made between now and the end of the month enter you to win this Italian charm bracelet with a special dragon charm to commemorate JIN-HAKKU's release. :) Winner to be announced Dec. 1. (Sorry about the crappy picture.)

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Blogger Paige Tyler said...

Congratulations on the new release!


My TT is at

7:16 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Matt Damon, no contest - especially as Jason Bourne. *sigh* Is there a more perfect tortured hero?!

2:28 PM  
Anonymous robin said...

Love that picture of you, Kate! lol

7:06 AM  
Blogger ann marie said...

I have to agree with Heather, Matt Damon is one sexy man.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Yeah, I couldn't choose. Hence the man-wich. :D

7:11 AM  

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