Sunday, November 05, 2006

Little Manhattan

Today I'm recommending a family movie, of which there are far too few. Seems like I go to the video store and see horror flicks up the yin-yang -- movies I've never even heard of -- but hardly any flicks I'd let my kids see. They're getting older now (11 and 12) but not old enough that I'll completely trust a movie's appropriateness, even if it's rated PG-13. Those rating people are unpredictable.

Anyway, the movie we watched last night was Little Manhattan. Not sure why they named it that, other than the fact that it was set there, but it was very cute romantic comedy about two kids. I liked it much better than RV with Robin Williams, which we watched last week. I found RV to be very predictable, relying far too heavily on toilet humor and trying to be an updated version of Vacation, but failing.

There was one part where the boy has to face the bully of the movie, who actually has a smaller part than one might expect. Usually the bully is the prime conflict in the main character's life, but as an unexpected treat, this bully isn't. The writers surprised me with a twist of the usual confrontation scene. I won't spoil it for you by telling you what it is, but if you watch the movie and have the same reaction, let me know here! Also, the ending surprised me, as well.

Go rent it, especially if you've got kids and want a movie you can all watch together.



Blogger Anna J Evans said...

Thanks Kate. We've been looking for a few 'older kid' movies to watch while the roo is visiting his dad in Cali. We'll give this one a try! (We watched Nacho Libre together the other night and really enjoyed it. We're still singing the songs, lol.)

Anna J. Evans

9:36 AM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

How funny! We ALMOST rented Nacho Libre. I had it in my hand and my youngest wanted to rent Little Manhattan instead. LOL

9:46 PM  

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