Friday, May 25, 2007

Sound of Music Quiz Answers

I usually post art on Fridays, but had to give everyone the answers to yesterday's quiz. I'll hit you with the art tomorrow. :)

1. Yul Brynner was considered for the role of the captain. At first I quailed at this thought, but remembering him as the King of Siam in The King and I, I thought...okay, MAYBE.

2. Charmian Carr slipped while leaping during the first take of "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." They had to bandage and put make up on her leg to film the sequence. Now I want to examine that scene carefully and see if I can see the bandage!

3. Kym Karath (Gretl) was too heavy for Christopher Plummer to carry her on his shoulders.

4. They used six guys to pull the car.

5. Richard Dreyfuss was considered, but apparently he couldn't dance well enough.

6. Maria/Julie never uses his first name in the movie. And someone commented that he was so NOT a darling, but I sort of disagree. If you read my post about Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, it's tantalizing to think of what a taciturn man might be like in private.

7. Fraulein Schweiger bows sixteen times. That poor actress must have had such a headache!

8. Christopher Plummer said that, but nevertheless, he and Andrews have remained close friends ever since.

9. Carr was actually (sixteen going on) 22 years old.

10. False. Edelweiss, the last song that Oscar Hammerstein II wrote, was written specifically for the musical. But wasn't it an amazing plot device?

11. Kym Karath (Gretl) swallowed too much water and upchucked on Heather Menzies (Louisa.)
12. Debbie Turner had to get false teeth to replace the ones she lost.

13. The real Maria von Trapp appears as the elder of the two women in Austrian peasant garb who are in the background as Maria walks through a brick archway during "I Have Confidence".



Blogger Jennifer Shirk said...


Dang. I thought that Edelweiss song was real.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Kate Willoughby said...

Yeah, me, too!

8:28 PM  

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